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People are more than satisfied with this program because it enables them to unleash their deepest fantasies without losing their wives/girlfriends. Feel free to tell me your thoughts and your experiences.  edge for at least 30 minutes prior to your session. It was my husband’s job to see that there was enough girls invited so each player would have a girl. This way you can better understand who i am and where i am coming from. Those of you who have read my material know that creating attraction is the worst thing you can do if you want your woman to cuckold you.

Cuckold Coach
Cuckold Coach

Then he straddled the bench over my head, facing my feet, and said, “my bitches always like to suck my balls, coach. If you’re ready to turn your cuckold fantasies into thrilling reality, don’t wait another minute. I sat down in front of the screen, she leaned over and switched on the cuckold web site that she caught me in the first place looking at. At the next after game party at one of the coach’s houses, i became more observant. One was in the locker room section assigned to my team, another overlooked the group shower area, and the third one covered other locker room areas. Jody was openly rubbing her pussy and the boys were rubbing their cocks. Make your woman sexually dominant: she will feel more sexually active and she will automatically be into different things. Then it was derek’s turn and i swallowed all of his cum too.

Cuckold Coach
Cuckold Coach

He leaned back in his chair and mirrored her movement. Why a cuckold relationship is actually beneficial for both you and your woman. People very close to me have used such practitioners with great success. What kind of pussy ass, mother fucker lets teen boys fuck his middle-aged wife anyway. " i tried to say it was a one off " tell me the truth for once she said. Obviously it's not for everyone, but since the cucks typically love looking at larger men (such as on this site) and since the mistresses like to be with the larger men. However if your smart with how you approach this you can actually get your woman to suggest this lifestyle. I unexpectedly run into cuckold coach a few months ago.

"sexually i would agree she is in control. "the classic definition of cuckold is anyone, male or female, whose spouse is having sex with someone else. If you are thinking that cuckold coach is a scam or a fraud is because you clearly have not read the cuckold coach reviews. Well the answer to this one is simple. She seemed too straight to think about these things, but were are still childless and the relationship is getting boring, so this is like a breath of fresh air for both of us. Would you love to turn these hidden fantasies into an actual reality. My new friend stood at the bar and opened his wallet but i told him to put it away and ordered my cuckold to buy the drinks. I just want you to know that i am very proud of you.

Trust your discretion considering my promises. "but our time is up. I was very comfortable with her having him as her new partner, and obviously she was happy with him as she was suggesting it to me.  we were both happy and this new arrangement served both of us well. I hate to sound like a hypocrite but i was ok with us having a female activity partner but i would have to adjust having a male friend in tow with us.

I woke up the next morning, rick was gone and sid was in bed with me. To be freed from his little prison and allowed a tiny bit of pleasure but he should know better - cuckolds don't deserve pleasure until their cuckoldress has decided she's had enough of her own. I become a coach for an inner city basket ball team and end up sucking cocks and being cuckolded.  i wanted my woman to cuckold me but i didn’t want to end up loosing her. In fact, the first time i suggested it she said it’s a disgusting idea, but now she’s enjoying it too. I am still with the same wife today and our relationship over the last 30 years has been super, both emotionally and physically.

They were jostling and shoving for position to closely see her gorgeous ass so prominently displayed in those tight pants. She was rather tall, virtually the same height as him. Some men are lucky enough to have their women suggest this lifestyle. "about twice a week, with her on top. He grabbed me by the arm and said, “come on, coach, get down there on your back while jody gets on top. Why men develop a fetish for the cuckold lifestyle. Kelly squirmed in the seat and stated flatly. At that point luis was aggressively fucking my mouth and his big, hairy balls were slapping against my throat on every stroke.

I will share you with my mandates, permissions and restrictions for my husband/malesub and my bull/stud:. Not only will you learn this technique but you also get access to other great techniques as well. This was like a bolt to my heart i had been doing this for years and i loved masterbating, i said that was going too far and it was only a bit off fun. The reality of cuckolding and actually following through with observing someone else sexually please your wife can be scary and overwhelming. But, yes it seems every saturday night and once during the middle of the week. You can bet that after applying these techniques she will want to cuckold you so badly almost to the point of begging.

Luis finished feeding me his ass, and as we were leaving the locker room he said, “tell jody about our big cocks and cum loads, coach. I squirmed on the bench a little as luis looked down, and saw that my cock had gotten hard, just from staring at his big fuck meat. He chuckled and said that he had found out that it was a tradition for the coaching staff to recruit girls for the players as they had little time for dating between studying and practicing football. I’ve got this cock sucker all broken in for you. Her steps were quick and her body moved with an easy athletic motion. That was just the beginning of a long night of fucking and sucking. Then he pulled away and slapped my face with his soft, thick cock.

Coach, cock sucker and cuckold. So they warned us coaches to be especially vigilant for signs of trouble between the boys. Using other techniques in the book, i was able to tell her about it, and i was surprised that she’s also interested. I love it and i have seen clearly observable changes in my wife since starting a few weeks ago.   it all starts with one successful cum eating session. "you enjoyed that don't you. After that we can have them over to our home for a party or something and see what happens. I was at this community at that time and thats where the idea of cuckold came to me that he can participate as a cuckold.  some people have referred to it as the cuckold bible and quite frankly it is the first, the last and the only resource you will ever need to get your woman to willingly cuckold you.

"in the past, we had a plutonic female friend. I could feel his cock filling me with his black seed and i now went into an intense orgasm, first going still, then shaking all over, then when rick stopped thrusting, we both went limp in our own sweat holding each other like two teen lovers on prom night.  that night changed us forever. "what if you started to crave his monster cock too. The techniques are simple and are easy to incorporate in your day to day dealings with your woman.

 the difference from male infidelity is the female supremacist does not hide the affair and sex from her mate - she wants him to know and accept her liaisons. Thanks to your techniques my wife went from bieng a real prude to a real hot wife. Indulge into this idea and enjoy fantasizing being a hotwife. You will learn the psychology of the techniques and you will be able to apply them according to your own situation. Terminology a few key words commonly used within the contemporary cuckolding lifestyle, other than a cuckold (as earlier defined), include “hotwife,” “bull,” “cuckold marriage,” and “hotwife marriage. As to saying its like swh's thread but not really your correct because the techniques suggested through nlp are all used when the 'subject' is awake and with the loving whispers freely available on this forum it is done whilst our good ladies relax.

Cuckold Coach

He use to travel for business, therefore his trip would not have cost him any additional money for the most part. In fact, it is so common, that there is a whole guide about it, and we are going to review it here, in my cuckold coach review. She was wearing a pair of thin and tight yoga pants that clearly displayed her thick camel toe and gorgeous ass. His eyes fell to the floor. If women were biologically programmed to cheat and have multiple sex partners then i was sure i could get my woman to cuckold me. The therapist stood with one hand on the doorknob and looked at him. Did she go down to the city with plans to spend the weekend. Bisexual trainer - bisex training. Do not permit it to go without atonement.

He started to research the topic and was surprised to find that many other men out there shared his fantasies—and was even more shocked to find that many women shred them as well. No matter how much he begs just tell him not yet, that you want him prove his love and wait a little while to make it special for you. I am passionate about providing a positive environment in which my clients may explore their sexuality, themselves, and everything in between. Does she know you are talking with me. Cuckold desires: the science behind the desires of cuckolds, hotwives, and bulls.

Over the last several years i have helped literally thousands of men achieve a cuckold relationship by sharing with them powerful techniques, secrets and tips. I didn’t know what she was up to and was surprised when the video from the locker room started playing. None of my boys were particularly tall. "you want that don't you. The reason being that there just hasn’t being enough research done to definetely figure this one out.

The hubby may enjoy being striped and forced to wear the wife's underwear. Coached to eat cum – brought to you by ldw group. The reviews are extremely positive and very encouraging and will definitely help you make a decision. Today there are many ways men play out this fetish, other than actually being cuckolded. We are going to learn what is the cuckold lifestyle and why it has become so famous lately. Pros: if you are looking to spice things up a little, this program is ideal for you.

I am sometimes ribald, sometimes keen, and strive to always be intuitive and transparent. “well honey, do you want to see mine. In the event you may have concerns concerning cuckold coach there exists this two months refund guarantee by means of which you’ll be able to take your money back if you are not content with the product after you have put it to use. She was wearing the same, tight yoga pants that she wore that first time at the game, and her camel toe was thick, wet, and on display for all to see. Learn about the different types of cuckolds and how to decide what type of cuckold you are best suited for. She looked at the boys and asked, “well, what are you waiting for, boys.

He should have been man enough to say he's not coming. We also have an active sex life, and i was starting to feel guilty about keeping my feelings about the boys secret. She agreed, and now i’m having fun with her. Cuckolding must be taught and applied to enact female supremacy, to maximize the female control, to instill a sense of fidelity and pain of infidelity in your man, and to break male jealousy. I decided that i had to figure out a way that would get her to cuckold me but at the same time keep her emotionally faithful and loyal only to me. You will learn why men develop a fetish for cuckold lifestyle.  before i share with you all these powerful techniques, secrets and tips let me tell you how i realized my deepest cuckold fantasies. So come on then which one do you like, you will be wearing it so you better choose or ill choose it for you she said and she had a smile on her face as she looked at me. "do you have any interest in her tying your hands and squatting over you face.

Clark carter says: cuckold coach is very useful to me and i look forward to continued development. Intercourse and blow jobs are no longer part of his sex life, except and unless you decide to fuck him with a strap on and or have him give blow jobs to your lovers. Cuckoldry if practiced properly is a beautiful lifestyle for all involved. It has been an amazing journey ever since. This helped keep all the activity within mutually agreed boundaries, preventing damage to our relationship. Then when i woke up at about 8:00 am, derek was fucking her again, as kobe was moving into position over me to fuck my mouth and feed me his balls.

And just to clear up any question on my email.  i instructed my bull aloud that i was going to excite and fuck him for the next hour, and that he needed to stay erect and perform for me in front of my husband. Jody smiled at me and said, “you know, stuart, this is the first time since we started dating back in college that you’ve ever asked me about those black guys. An office desk faced the room from the right side. There are different aspects of this lifestyle and in our case mr.  let me tell you that the actual cuckold experience is a hundred times more fulfilling than any cuckold fantasy that you may have ever had. Using just this technique alone you can get your woman to cuckold you but remain emotionally faithful and loyal to you.

The best thing about cuckold coach is that you both won’t feel the need of cheating; you will feel better than ever. After my woman cuckolded me. Learn how women challenge men and how you can use her challenges to actually get her to cuckold you. I was now thinking that i was rick’s lady for the evening. I wanted to be able to monitor the boys on my laptop in my coach’s office, which was on the other side of the wall from the locker room. He did not react to her statement, and then waited a long moment in silence. Well i dove into the guide a bit last night.

Her voice took an authoritarian tone.  over the years these techniques have been used by thousands of wannabe cuckolds and all of them have realized their desire to have their women cuckold them. Learn about the different personality types and how to appear as a personality that is conducive to be cuckolded. So this was a pretty aggressive schedule that required a lot of commitment from the boys, and me as well. I have been using cuckold coach for a couple of months now and i really don’t know how i got along without it. It was hoped that with the time they spent on school homework and the practices and games, the boys would have little or no free time to re-associate with the gangs. Then i sucked off all of the boys at almost every practice and game. What would people think if they see the three of us hanging out all the time.

So at some level it turns him on. I think a cuckold sex scene would be fun, but it’s just sex not life. Reality it is common for many men to desire and fantasize about cuckolding, to the point they may plan to carry out the fantasy; make plans, arrange for a sexual partner for their wife, but then back out.

Cuckold Coach Pdf

Kobe was getting ready to fuck jody next. Not sure if i'm brave to skip right to that part though. My ex-girlfriend introduced me to cuckolding, and it made our sex life more exciting and pleasurable. My teams’ name was the newark hoops, and we had seven boys on our team. I replied, “well, i definitely want to suck those three boys some more and watch them fuck you. Karen duncan says: just a brief note to congratulate you folks on a product that was already super and with the current upgrade is nothing short of great. He asked if i noticed that a couple of the coach’s wives seemed to be available for the players as well. It’s still up to you and your wife and how you guys talk about it. I wanted to continue the conversation with me sitting on the bench by the lockers and them standing around me.

I was so confused about having those feelings for the first time in my life. All you have to do is try it out, and if you didn’t like it within those 60 days, just send the owner an email and they’ll get you a full refund. You will learn why a cuckold relationship is actually beneficial for both you and your woman. "reasonable, as in enjoying it. So i felt it was suiting and allowed it to stick with me. From my way of thinking it is about developing tendencies that are already present and if you try to manipulate your way into getting your wife to do what you want her to do then, you are topping her from the bottom. She undid her legs and watched his eyes. If he is the one begging you to keep him, you are the one who decides. It doesn’t matter what your current situation is. We’ve been cuckolding since then, and our relationship has become so much more exciting.

I would also like to add the following due to a couple of rare emails i have received. Rick started thrusting in and out and i met each of his with one of mine. (provide a valid email address on the payment page, we will send you progress report and other relevant correspondence through that email). Women are biologically programmed to cheat on their partner. Raymond doesn’t think so.

Well, the link swap just made sense to me.   that really does help me give you the best possible session. I was in a daze i did not want to loose her and could not suffer a divorce, as this is my 2nd marriage after my first wife left me, but this was all so sudden it was fantasy but now reality beckoned me. Is the cuckold lifestyle right for you. My offer is genuine master and my women in the future will always be undeneath the ultimate control of your best wishes. I lay back and jody got on top of me in the sixty-nine position.

If cuckolding is something you have been curious about, it’s important to discuss and explore your desires with your spouse. I have now added other things like losing arguments to her, submissive walking, submissive seating and letting her control the tv remote. Thanks to your book i got my girl friend to cuckold me. On the contrary, you are going to strengthen your relationship and this new life style is going to make you both feel sexually satisfied and closer than ever. The wife may spank the hubby for the bull's amusement. So i will likely do whatever she wants. Am i wrong to want some cuckold feelings without dedicating myself to a life style. The word 'cuckold' stuck with him for a while as he searched his mental dictionary.

She knew he was looking at her breast. Let us know what else we can do for you. Kole helps you understand the cuckold desires in men and women, drawing on research and his own experiences with his wife. Coach, cock sucker and cuckold. I noted that the players were very aggressive in a sexual manner toward the girls and it seemed the girls were encouraging it. If you want to get your woman to cuckold you then these techniques will work.  i knew i needed to learn the mental and biological make up of women if i was to be successful in formulating techniques that would smoothly lead me to a cuckold lifestyle. I clicked my fingers and he would hold my drink. ) are you qualified to coach/train/teach a cuckolding lifestyle. Jody teasingly said, “i really like the way you fed stuart your cocks, boys.

He said he saw one of the coaches wives go into one of the bedrooms with one of the players. He looked so meek and pathetic. You seem like the perfect friend i need and who can help me in this transition. All you have to do is tell her. I snapped my fingers and told my cuckold where to sit before selecting an adjacent table for my new friend and i. How did you feel about that when you were dating lamar and fucking him and his friends. Cuckold coaching for men  for only . At first he thought that may be i wanted to get that out of the system, so he dint say anything, but when i kept on having sex with black man, he got a little frustrated, because that was not the plan. Stanley says: it did not take long to realize this was the thing i have been searching for.

She viewed it as a challenge to satisfy a penis that big. Do this over and over while talking about how hot the scenes are, how sexy the big black cocks look or even ask him questions like isn't this or that hot, but do not let him orgasm. I do not know where to start. There was a long silence before he spoke. I kept jerking off while watching the boys over the next several practices. He created ‘cuckold coach pdf’ a guide aimed to help men feeling more fulfilled and sexually satisfied by making their girlfriends/wives cuckold him. Sometimes we need feedback, a sharp clinical mind, and someone who’s trained to help put the puzzle together, someone to help us heal and/or explore our own thoughts and feelings. I jerked off and had an incredible orgasm. No need to hide behind. But this book is not all about techniques.

You might like it too since you’re our bitch now. But instead of bringing his hands to his neck, he crossed his wrist at the top of his head. What information does cuckold coach pdf contain. Tamara myers says: there are lots of copies of the product that has been sold till today. Here is a review of kole raymond's program:.

 some femdoms want their relationships with husband/mate and fuck stud to be totally separate. Then jody said, “go ahead and sit down, boys, i’ve got a little video for you to watch. I have developed this program with the wannabe cuck in mind. Cuckold coach helped me introduce the idea to my new girlfriend and convince her to try it. Framed diplomas hung on the wall. If he accepts it reservedly, that's ok, he will get used to it. Stuart can keep you boys hard while you’re sucking my tits and waiting for your turns.

 as my cuckold desires grew stronger with each passing relationship i decided it was time to do something about it. "maybe 10 years ago i made the transition. She regularly dates and sleeps with other men and has even let me watch on occasions. He chuckled and said, "decades ago. I will share with you the concept of attraction and why attraction is so important in order to get your woman to cuckold you.  my bull was unable to see my husband and he was unable to see what i was going to do to him sexually. Saw some information the other day on “cuckold coach”.  he was immobilized and his penis exposed, so i began gently stimulating it. Today after he got back from work, i did seduced him a little and suggested lets watch porn. That’s pretty kinky, huh.

I saw one of the coach’s wives and one of the players making out in the hall. "after i cum inside her she had me go down on her and pleasure her orally. “well it was my job and i failed and you bailed me out. I have seen men of all ages and of all cultures and classes use these techniques and all of them have got their women to willingly agree to a cuckold relationship. Yes, i do care about him and since we both want a future together even though i want to explore my sexuality more, i think it is essential that we end up to an understanding. I'm guessing when you're home alone and the need arises. We are a happily married couple in our early thirties.

Getting him back on track serving you after he has an orgasm. And the second one is that once you buy cuckold coach, you get a 60-day money back guarantee. It will awaken your sexual desire for each other, but you need an open-mind of course.  he was instantly curious about who my boyfriend was and i told him bluntly - don't worry about him - he's just my cuckold. He was also a guest at the resort we stayed. You'll sit in the corner like a little naughty cuckold and watch it happen too. There are a number of theories on why people may want to be cuckolded but to be honest i don’t subscribe to most of them.

Why do cum eaters chicken out. It kills feelings of attraction but importantly amplifies affection feelings that keep women emotionally loyal to their men. That should get them talking about it in the locker room. So we opted to have the three co-captains, and the other boys clearly saw their natural strength and leadership ability.  my name is kole raymond and i am more popularly known as the cuckold coach. Did he get your permission to masturbate. His eyes were on her hemline ass it rested on her knees. Fucking of my bull may be conducted in private, or in front of my husband - as i decide. All women will subconsciously classify you into any one of these personality types irrespective of your looks or social and economic standing. She’s also learned a lot of new sexual practices from other men she’s been with.

Cuckold Coaching

So looking for some help, i came across this website that is selling a cuckold coaching guide. If helping your wife cuckold you was his primary intent, he’d have a website like this one. You must be fair and permit him to leave to find happiness elsewhere if he cannot find happiness as your cuckold. You will learn about the different types of cuckolds and how to decide what type of cuckold you are best suited for. He explains the different types of cuckold, the original cuckold, the modern cuckold and the forced cuckold, and the techniques you can use to enter into a cuckold lifestyle but still keep her emotionally faithful and loyal. ) will you help/teach/coach me and my wife/girlfriend/husband/lover how to be a cuckolding couple.

As a loving cuckold your husband should be putting your pleasure and needs before his own, if you are thirsty, he brings you something to quench your thirst. How do you get your wife to cuckold you. This coaching module is for men with cuckolding fetish, who are unsure of how to confess this to their partners and how to make this a reality.

Cuckold Coach
Now that you’re thinking about those boys the way you are, maybe we should make it a part of our...

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